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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Watch Me Implode

"I had a dream of the open water;
I was swimming away out to sea.
So deep I could never touch bottom...
What a fool I used to be." ~ Neal Peart

When I watch the news, I see the propaganda machine at work. The paradigm of reality is established. Norms. Modalities. Moralities. Constructs. Limited vision based on fabricated schisms: Glenn Beck versus Chris Matthews; CNN versus FOX; Sarah Palin versus Hilary Clinton; conservative versus liberal.

But when it's time to beat the drums of war -- all media harmonize. When it's time to propagandize the phony war on drugs -- all media share a common chord. None will investigate the Federal Reserve banking scheme. None remember the constitution or serve to protect individual liberty. None will question the nightmare police state taking hold in America. They capitulate to their corporate and governmental lords and promote the agenda of the elite. Maintaining the false dichotomy through fear and the exploitation of ignorance.

Swine Flu today. Financial collapse tomorrow. Weapons of mass destruction today. Terrorist plot tomorrow. On and on - the machine it turns.

When I watch network television programming, I realize that programming is not said without an understanding of irony. I see the revelation of the method. It is as sinister as it is transparent.

Once the illusion is shattered, it is shattered for good.


Life is as ethereal as it is tangible. It is as majestic as it is stark. And we are damn lucky to be here. To be alive and aware at this moment -- the near mathematical impossibility of it all... and yet here you are. Here we all are.

Now clock in. Spend your life in a cubicle or office. Never take vacations. Exhaust the most productive years of your majestic life obeying rules and abiding institutions.

Or not.

We give up so much of our humanity in pursuit of media-driven cultural illusions. We accept as fact so much of the fabricated reality created by the mass media establishment. We are well-contained and in our place.


Enter the world wide web.

The Internet is the last bastion of free expression and discourse left in the "civilized" world. Would it be a conspiracy to assert that the elitists who have been able to control the flow of information since time immemorial have an active interest in transforming the free Internet into a glorified version of cable TV? Would it be a conspiracy to argue that the globalist masters who run this fabricated reality scheme have a vested interest in maintaining control over humanity -- obscuring the limitless potential of human development (free energy and other liberating technologies) by declaring it classified as a matter of national security? Are we being lied to about everything?

Yes. It's a conspiracy, alright. And a nasty one at that. It goes to the very core of human freedom and potential. Mankind is never liberated by its governments or institutions. It is only enslaved by them. They know no other purpose. Those in control of the levers and gears of manufactured consent fear nothing more than the light of truth. Illumination.

The false reality matrix of controlled culture and the media propaganda machine are threatened by the Internet and all that it represents.

Is it too late? Is the genie too far out of the bottle? For the sake of free humanity, let us hope.


  1. Dear CMF:

    I just happened to view this website by chance
    while searching term for translation. I was surprised and psyched to see the quote from my favorite band RUSH song (Presto)! I agree with
    some of your idea but sorry because of technical glitch on my PC, I can't take much time to comment right now. I may write to you later, but I'm impressed with some of your points.

    write to you later,

  2. (Now my PC is ok..)
    Your messages somewhat remind me of the FL pastor obsessed with his own heroic idea...and the media's overreaction.
    At least, he succeeded in driving media to his side. Now, the media is hooked with the potential young CEO of small business, North Korea followed by Paris Hilton. What's the point for them to pay attention to those spoiled brats?

    Yes we are "driven" crazily by media and internet, but I admit I'm selecting and acquiring much info from them with the caution not to be driven.
    Like Thoreau, we need to take the option to seclude ourselves from the community
    even temporarily. And that's not that bad
    as long as we believe in ourselves ("I believe in belief.") Hope I made clear.


  3. in my previous message:
    ("I believe in belief.")

    Gosh! Please forget this part. I meant "I don't have faith to faith, I don't believe in belief, You can call it faithless." Sorry for confusion and silly mistake.

  4. Thanks for taking the time to post such an extensive comment. As a Rush fan, you are automatically right. It's part of the benifit associated with such tremendous taste.