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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Making A Rabbit Hole

After the death of the Dalai Lama, the process of seeking his new incarnation begins. A young “candidate” is presented with several objects. Some are favorites of the previous incarnation, while others are randomly selected. If the candidate is attracted to the items cherished by the previous incarnation, he is Dalai Lama.

Currently, we are living with the fourteenth incarnation.

Regardless of one’s religious alignment, the implicit idea in this approach is that the human soul has natural compulsions – specific tendencies inherent to the design. We are drawn to certain realities like the tides are drawn by the pull of the moon.

An artist picks up a pencil for the first time and sketches a bird. From that moment on, the trajectory of his or her life bends to the weight of that compulsion. Various compulsions have various densities and thus various gravities.

For me, the ultimate-density compulsion is the esoteric realm. From UFOs to Martian ruins to ancient astronauts to occult societies to advanced technology… a thousand steps leading through the grassy knoll of paranoia or revelation or both.

Many consider these topics the natural habitat of the insane. Yet in all actuality, any abstract examination of human activity is the very stuff of insanity.

What’s Happening Now?

Right now, I am typing into a complex software application specifically designed to be compatible with the intricate design of my iMac while interfacing with a worldwide network of signals. Insane, right?

I am also streaming a live radio broadcast that is represented by a small “window” in the top right-hand corner of my monitor. With ninety-something pixels per square inch, this window occupies about nine hundred or so.

My LCD monitor is made by pressing two specially treated, polarized planes of glass together. Sandwiched between them is a liquid crystal material that responds to an electrical current and allows different wavelengths of light through to varying degrees across the plane. Absolutely insane.

As the man on the radio rants about the globalist banking cartel, I recognize that this is all being transmitted across fiber optic cables – voices transformed into signals at one end are received and converted back into voices at the other end.

This is to say nothing about the very molecules and atoms holding all this together. Atoms – which pop in and out of existence – which exist as both particle and wave – which exist in a superposition of potential manifestation – are currently holding me up while I type onto a very solid keyboard and stare into a seemingly solid monitor.

Reality is insane.

How insane is it then to investigate the reality of topics considered taboo by the so-called “mainstream” media?

Given the absolutely insane nature of the media monstrosity - given the rigid insanity of scientific dogma - given the insane nature of politics and political involvement in the scientific endeavor - given the verifiable insanity of clandestine groups like the CIA and NSA (groups that function as the organ of paranoia for the state) - given the insane secrecy of the "military industrial complex" and its use of classified technologies for the purpose of spreading death - given the endless stream of lies and disinformation that continuously flows from national security institutions – how likely is it that topics ridiculed by each of these authoritarian entities may actually be the only things worth examining?

A paranoid conspiracy theorist I am.

For The Sake Of Clarity

Any investigation into the realm of the esoteric reveals a chaotic swirl of ideas, hypotheses, speculation, and conjecture. I am reminded of a quote that I keep coming back to from Alan Moore (writer, "magician", anarchist, cult icon). In discussing his own investigation into the subculture of conspiracy while developing the graphic novel, From Hell, a tale told around the Jack the Ripper murders, he states:

“The truth is that it is not the Jewish banking conspiracy, or the grey aliens, or the gold-foot reptiloids from another dimension that are in control. The truth is far more frightening. NOBODY is in control. The world is rudderless.”

Though he discounts conspiracy as the domain of “paranoid fantasists”, I can’t help but appreciate the point that he is making. At least with the so-called “mainstream” there is order. Overt propaganda, yes. Product placement and suggestive advertisement, yes. But to the conscious mind, all of this is rather obvious and plain.

The world of the paranoid fantasist, however... the world of conspiracy and occult secrecy, the world of the greys and reptilians... this is a world in complete disarray.

And while Alan Moore may be right – the underlying chaos of existence may be the ultimate truth of existence – it does not preclude the many layers of truth along the way.

It may be that conspiracy trips over conspiracy in a race for the illusion of control, but the race does indeed exist. It may be a futile effort by bags of carbon and water seeking dominion over a small pixel of a planet on the tattered fringes of a spiraling arm of a ubiquitous galaxy in a universe of billions of galaxies, stars, planets.

But the effort does indeed exist. Futile as it may be.

We plummet into the ultimate black hole of oblivion.

"Alea jacta est." The die is cast.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Public Education and the Descent of Man

John Taylor Gatto explains the sinister nature of compulsory education: