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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


(Nag's Head, North Carolina)

"Life and the world, or whatever we call that which we are and feel, is an astonishing thing. The mist of familiarity obscures from us the wonder of our being. We are struck with admiration at some of its transient modifications, but it is itself the great miracle. What are changes of empires, the wreck of dynasties, with the opinions which supported them; what is the birth and the extinction of religious and of political systems to life? What are the revolutions of the globe which we inhabit, and the operations of the elementsof which it is composed, compared with life? What is the universe of stars, and suns, of which this inhabited earth is one, and their motions, and their destiny, compared with life? Life, the great miracle, we admire not, because it is so miraculous. It is well that we are thus shielded by the familiarity of what is at once so certain and so unfathomable, from an astonishment which would otherwise absorb and overawe the functions of that which is its object." ~Percy Bysshe Shelley, On Life


"Our life is an apprenticeship to the truth that around every circle another can be drawn; that there is no end in nature, but every end is a beginning, and under every deep a lower deep opens." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Green Vassal

"Where there is a Lull in Truth, an Institution springs up." ~Henry David Thoreau
"The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out... without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Almost inevitably he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane, intolerable." ~ H. L. Mencken

Brief article concerning the sun's role in planetary warming

Watch part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8
Modern environmentalism has nothing to do with naturalism. Environmentalism is a political paradigm while naturalism exists as a philosophical/spiritual/empirical perspective. Naturalism happens every time you feel the pulse of nature -- the aesthetic, spiritual, primal connection binding you to the natural world. Real. Tangible. Without force or state compulsion. Environmentalism happens when you donate to PETA or pay your carbon taxes to the globalist elite (fear "cap and trade"). Environmentalism happens when some third-world slum-dweller burns wildebeest shit to heat his genetically modified rice -- his nation never allowed to industrialize thanks in large part to the bureaucratic tyranny of the green stasi. Environmentalism happens when the family farm is regulated out of existence and nutrients are considered toxins by eugenicists at the UN.
When your property is confiscated or your back-yard garden is made criminal , you will not have to blame a naturalist. A twerpy, misguided fascist bureaucrat environmentalist, without doubt.
I'll take my hippie uncle who raises goats and grows his own herbs over the new green stasi any day. Even if he believes in Obama.

When I was a kid, my family would take annual trips to Nag's Head, North Carolina, near Kitty Hawk where the Wright brothers first flew, and we would stay in a rental right on the ocean. My parents and hippie uncles would take us out into the surf -- there we would get bombarded by waves, bounce over ominous swells, swim against a restless current, drift regardless of effort, body-surf back to shore. Repeat.
My sisters and I learned early to respect the immense power of the ocean. This ocean, I learned, is far greater than I. Far more powerful than my shabby mortal form.
Once, while a storm was brewing off in the deeper Atlantic, we rushed into the water to parley with the wild, choppy surf. Pyramidal waves would crash in from all sides, colliding, recombining, breaking again towards shore. Power and beauty. Danger and elation. Pure joy. Pure connection. A quarter of a century has passed, and I still remember the exhilaration of that moment as if I were just now drying off. Naturalism is when man remembers that he is a part of this Wildness. Beyond the matrix of culture and institutions. Somewhere back in that vast obscurity beyond the city... to steal a bit from Gatsby. (ahh, Gatsby).
Modern environmentalism is bureaucracy. It is merely another system of control and manipulation.
I wonder the size of the carbon footprint created by the "global warming" propaganda movement (now they say "climate change" -- Orwell applauds). I wonder if Obama's sexy bag of fairy dust can organically cleanse the cesspool of waste wandering the halls of deception in DC. or will his dust merely do what other magic powders are known to do? The narcotized mind of the public-schooled and television-reared American will prove easy to seduce.
I smell burning ether.
Remember how resplendent the landscape can be? Remember the beautiful mountains and snow-topped ranges? Recall the ambling creeks and rivers of your Huckleberry childhood? They are being strangled by the litter of your filthy existence. Your bowels and gastric system are less forgiving to the atmosphere than the mean emission of an adult male your size. You should surrender now before the wilderness of your childhood is strangled in toxic ruin. The teeming creek-bed where you once caught crayfish with some string and some bacon will become the lurid tarn of Poe's debilitating nightmare. Because of carbon.
Your carbon, fucker.

What a joke. Meanwhile, shitheads like Al Gore travel the world in private jets collecting Nobel Prizes (is this reverso-world?), Oscars, Grammies, Mtv surfboards -- all while lecturing the plebeians about the over-indulgent ways of their lowly flatulent existence. Oh, what a scam, brothers and sisters.
Who in the world wants polluted water, clearcut forests, animal slaughter, air pollution? Put down your glass of fluoridated water. Step outside of the illusion. The only significant man-made pollution comes from corporations and governments. And I'd rather see them both disabled than accept the green tyranny of total human regulation based on phony science and elitist manipulation. The minute that idiots like Nancy Pelosi get to "inventory" my life, I take my chances in the Amazon.
If it is a choice between absolute freedom and absolute tyranny, the answer is quite clear. Like Jefferson, I'll take the problems and difficulties associated with freedom over those associated with servitude. Any day. Regardless of circumstances. Regardless of lifestyle-change or societal collapse. The liberty of the individual is absolute. The onerous system I can do without. As can you.
I wonder the carbon amassed by an endless war on terror (oh, change). What will it be to mobilize the police state against the public (oh, hope)? Will we finally see the unleashing of hidden alien technology? Project Bluebeam? Underground military bases? Underground cities? Reptilian control? Dulce?
Calling them conspiracies makes you sleep.
How about that genetically modified antibiotic burger? Is it USDA certified? Feel safe now? Sleep.
(Click to Examine Chart of Tyranny)

We do not need this giant machine over us. We do not need to be regulated or ruled. We do not need to regulate or rule others. We need to stop empowering institutions over men. Governmental force and compulsion is the death of human nature.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Supernumerary Sleepers

“The Trilateral Commission is international and is intended to be the vehicle for multinational consolidation of the commercial and banking interests by seizing control of the political government of the U.S.” - Sen. Barry Goldwater

What have we become?

Sadly, most politics is viewed through the hyper-schism between the left and right. In media-politics, everything is spin. Democrat spin. Republican spin. We are led to believe that this is the total spectrum of policy debate in the United States. There can be nothing else. It's all about these two parties.

This is what's real.

We learn that the Republicans are the party of limited government and national security. Democrats are the party of civil liberty and the blue collar masses. Republicans support giant corporations. Democrats fight for entitlements and the poor. When you think pro-choice, you probably think Democrat. When you think pro-life, you probably think Republican.

Against the war in Iraq? Democrat. Can't stand illegal immigration? Republican. Likely to donate to PETA and call yourself "vegan"? Democrat. Clear-cut the rainforest and drink Bambi's heart blood? Republican. Issue by issue, state by state, red or blue. How sad.

We have forgotten the real dichotomy. The only one that matters. The only one that has ever mattered: Liberty versus Tyranny. Freedom versus Servitude.

Because of the illusions of choice presented by the two-party system, controlling the masses is merely a matter of controlling the two parties. The money apparatus has allowed the oligarchs at the top of the banking and corporate pyramids to manipulate this dynamic for the purposes of advancing global tyranny.

Though this was once veiled and distant, it is now upon us darkly.

We have a congress that neither writes nor reads the legislation that it imposes upon an anesthetized public. We have a military and intelligence grid run amok, spreading itself across the globe while creating a new surveillance society here at home. We have a president that serves as a showman and a distraction surrounded by entrenched establishment interests -- CFR and Trilateral Commission stalwarts -- who design and influence policy towards the interests of elite globalists and their fascist agenda of centralized control.
A few of Obama's key Trilateral Commission Appointees:

Secretary of Treasury, Tim Geithner
Ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice
National Security Advisor, Gen. James L. Jones
Deputy National Security Advisor, Thomas Donilon
Chairman, Economic Recovery Committee, Paul Volker
Director of National Intelligence, Admiral Dennis C. Blair
Assistant Sec of State, Asia & Pacific, Kurt M. Campbell
Deputy Secretary of State, James Steinberg
State Department, Special Envoy, Richard Haass
State Department, Special Envoy, Dennis Ross
State Department, Special Envoy, Richard Holbrooke
The most important pressure-points of government control -- economic policy, state policy, military and intelligence decisions --are all directed and dominated by Trilateral Commission elitists. This is no coincidence. Of course, the same was true of George W., and Clinton, and Bush senior... hell, even "I'll never tell a lie" Jimmy Carter, was a creation of Trilateral Commission co-founder, Zbigniew Brzezinski, the same man currently behind god-creature Obama.

Meanwhile, the hypnotized masses believe that they are voting for hope and change when the only thing that changes is goddamn middle-management. The oligarchs and elitists behind the scenes have completely taken control of the American Republic.
This is not a conspiracy. Wake up!

This paradigm of political control creates an illusion of choice, an illusion of difference. How else was Clinton able to sell the American worker and powerful union interests down the river with a globalist treaty such as NAFTA and still get re-elected with the enthusiastic support of the same constituency? How was Bush able to get the blind allegiance of Republican minions while heralding-in a new prescription drug entitlement and shitty No Child Left Behind education reform? I thought that Republicans were opposed to increasing the size of government and bureaucratic entitlements. I thought that Democrats opposed treaties that would create an exodus of American jobs.

When you wonder why the once mighty industrial base in the US has dispatched to China, or when you moan about the welfare state and your kid's shitty education, think no further than this illusion. The Democrat and Republican parties are two factions of the same whore-beast globalist hydra. Copulation is regulated. Grab your ankles.

Centralization of power continues regardless of which political party is in office. The reason that nothing ever seems to change in Washington is because it doesn't. Everything continues to flow in the inevitable direction of centralization and tyranny. Liberty becomes a phantom mythology and your freedom merely a state-managed carbon credit.

We are being had.

The reason why it's okay when Clinton violates the ethics of the left is because to people on the left, he is so much better than the frightening alternative.

And if Bush creates bloated government entitlements, at least he's not the other guy. I mean, c'mon... that guy's a fucking communist.

What a joke. They both service the same master. It's time to come to terms with this. Choice is dead. Liberty is dead. The Constitution is dead. Our country has been infiltrated and destroyed.

For the last eight years, the American left was in absolute turmoil over G. W.'s war-mongering, domestic spying, torture, and imperialism... but now that Obama is perceived to be in charge, the left is silent. Nothing. Because at least he's not the other guy.

Obama has expanded the war into Pakistan and plans to escalate the war in Afghanistan. He has argued "State Secrets" in regard to domestic surveillance more aggressively than evil Bush. He plans to create a "cyber-security czar" and ultimately set the military loose on the Internet. He will maintain the phony "war on terror" and continue to augment the architecture of the police state. Yet we hear nothing from the left. Silence. Because he is their guy.

And though the list of broken promises continues to mount, he is still their guy.

Predictably (and understandably), those on the right have watched in horror as Obama has worked to create a green American version of red China. Many can't wait to run out and vote Republicans into office in 2010 because of this fear -- an attempt to hinder a "communist" agenda by anointing the perceived opposition. What a waste.

When the right gets into power, they may appease their grateful constituency by reforming entitlements and streamlining bloated bureaucratic spending. Of course none of it ever goes away. It merely changes management. And any violation of liberties that may occur in the name of fighting terrorism will be as celebrated on the right as it is feared on the left.

That is, until the left gets voted into power and then tyranny ain't so bad. And no matter -- he's better than the other guy. Right?

The size of the federal bureaucracy grows no matter who is in charge. The size of the debt continues to climb and we continue to surrender our nation's monetary authority to a secretive group of private bankers no matter which party is at the helm. The pervasive growth of the military empire continues to expand and the technocratic surveillance and monitoring system becomes ever-more pervasive. Far less liberty in exchange for far more "security".

The controlled paradigm continues.

"We do not ride on the railroad; it rides upon us. Did you ever think what those sleepers are that underlie the railroad? Each one is a man, an Irishman, or a Yankee man. The rails are laid on them, and they are covered with sand, and the cars run smoothly over them. They are sound sleepers, I assure you. And every few years a new lot is laid down and run over; so that, if some have the pleasure of riding on a rail, others have the misfortune to be ridden upon. And when they run over a man that is walking in his sleep, a supernumerary sleeper in the wrong position, and wake him up, they suddenly stop the cars, and make a hue and cry about it, as if this were an exception. I am glad to know that it takes a gang of men for every five miles to keep the sleepers down and level in their beds as it is, for this is a sign that they may sometime get up again." ~Henry David Thoreau