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Friday, August 20, 2010

Page 9,001 Subsection B4

Are the nuances and subtleties somehow apart from the principle of things? Freedom and servitude. Liberation and subjugation.

I have often been accused of lacking nuance in my geopolitical view - a sin against the complex machinery of the globalist leviathan. After all, who needs principles when there are so many layers of carefully contrived nuance to consider?

I have likewise been accused of wanting to do away with revered and "vital" institutions - such as the vampire Federal Reserve system - instead of reforming from within. Working to refine layer upon layer of nuance for the sake of sustaining the unsustainable.

Perhaps my disdain is mostly true. And reasonable.

It's all bullshit slight-of -hand, I say. Tricks! -- The nuanced position is always hidden up the sleeve.

Rather than "doing away" with these institutions, I would like to see our species render them irrelevant. Outgrow them. Transcend them. Corrupt politicians and bureaucrats, corporate vultures and financiers -- we are responsible for their power because we perpetuate the institutions they use to subdue us. .

We are responsible for the Orwellian society they have conspired to create. Our weakness. Our Fear. Our gullibility and distraction. We make the prison ourselves. We live in it without protest or concern. Without question. Obedient to the last.

"...BE the change you want to see in the world," said Gandhi.

In the end, all that you can control are your own actions. Your thoughts. Your feelings and intention. To whom or what you choose to submit. Again, to whom or what you choose to submit. Be the change.

Nothing outside of you exists.

Freedom - as with slavery - is a state of mind.

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