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Friday, May 7, 2010

The War On Drugs Is A Fraud

Is this sorry state the condition of man -- or is man merely being conditioned?

There is no greater testimony to the power of fear-driven propaganda
than the willingness of so many Americans to submit to the so-called "war on drugs". Despite costing countless lives and billions in tax-payer debt, this heinous war continues with no end in sight.

In a 1791 letter, Thomas Jefferson stated:
I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it.

This concept applies readily to the war on drugs:
I would rather tend to the problems caused by addicts and addiction than to the absolutely heinous destruction wrought by sadistic and predatory street gangs, foreign paramilitary drug cartels, dangerous underground black markets, urban decay, senseless acts of violence and crime, endless cycles of poverty and oppression -- all manifestations, symptoms, and results of drug prohibition.

Since mankind is incapable of creating a Utopian society, I would much rather live in a Dystopia based upon excessive freedom than in the Orwellian nightmare we see unfolding before us today.

In our society, people can eat handfuls of doctor-prescribed Oxycontin or Adderall; they can ingest massive amounts of caffeine; they can literally drink themselves into fucking oblivion. But they can't take a bong hit? Sniff powder? Inject opium? What's the fucking difference? Where is the logic?

The most significant difference between a joint and a Vicodin is the vested interests of the institutions running the scam.

Pharmaceutical companies have a vested interest in controlling the pills that make us happy. CIA and black ops have a vested interest in secretly funding covert and clandestine operations. The prison industry has a vested interest in a steady influx of drug offenders to harden and institutionalize. The SWAT teams and DEA agents have a vested interest in raiding homes and exercising the force of corrupt law.

This is the tyranny of institutions over men.

Meanwhile, US troops, our own brothers and sisters, are being
ordered to guard the opium fields in Afghanistan. It is necessary, they say, that the peasant farmers are able to cultivate the narcotics that end up on the streets of America -- just don't get caught selling, buying, or using the shit or you get to spend time in jail and suffer the consequences of institutionalized hypocrisy. Like our freedoms, you too can be gang-raped in the prison shower.

This is the sort of thing that one finds in countries where the reasonable are overpowered by the sinister. Outgunned. Outmatched. Outplayed.

We have forgotten what a free society looks like. We have forgotten many things.

In a free society, the only time a crime occurs is when one person (or group) violates the liberty and natural rights of another. A coke-head who commits a crime while jacked-up on coke should be punished for the crime. Not for the bag of powder in his sock. A primary reason why there are so few instances of drunk-driving in England -- a land awash in alcohol -- is because of the severity of the punishment associated with the crime. The same principle can be applied to drugs.

We can make it known that crimes committed while under the influence of drugs will be met with medieval justice. But if you just sit at home and shoot heroin into your eyeball -- who cares? What should it matter to society? Other than your loved ones, the rest of us do not even notice the tragedy of your circumstance. We're too busy with our own lives.

There is currently no logic, there is no consistency where our drug policies are concerned -- unless you consider the system from the perspective of those who control it. From that unholy and twisted perspective, the current system makes perfect sense.

What is sinister to a free man is benevolence to the despotic elite.

Seeking our broken submission and enslavement, the sole purpose of the war on drugs is to serve the leviathan of governmental power. It is the life-blood of corruption. Even if you have never inhaled, you become an asset to the bureaucratic network you serve and the criminals you create.

The implements of our own destruction are grown in the fields of far away lands.

The criminal elite use the powers of the CIA and other covert government agencies to maintain and control the trafficking of drugs within the borders of the US. We are living in an elaborately designed conditioning camp. Removing the countless billions of dollars generated by illegal drug trade would go a long way towards crippling the predatory institutions that prey upon the liberties of man.

I admit, I have a hard time even watching the footage of the above raid -- it disgusts me to such a degree that I literally feel sickened. This is what corrupt law and corrupt institutions can do to the mind of man. To condition an otherwise decent human being - a brother, a neighbor, a father - to become the extension and tool of tyranny. An officer of the unlawful.

It is time to end the war on drugs. It's time to break the conditioning. It's time to rediscover the concept of individual liberty -- before it's too late.


  1. Cheers to all of that. Sans sarcasm.

  2. Puns are always welcome... especially clever ones.