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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Tyranny of Illusions

Ah, Mars...

Because we love to be deceived:

*Whatever the government tells us is true.

*Government-controlled bureaucracies are efficient and only deal in naked facts.

*We are never lied to or mislead by those in power.

*The corporate media services the public interest.
*We live in a republic based upon principles of self-determination.

*Knowledge is never horded or obscured.

*Elitists respect their lower-class brothers.

*Secret societies are not the incubators of the oligarchy.

*Advancements in science are always made public and never used for the purposes of control, manipulation, and destruction.

*The shadow government is a tin-foil fantasy.

*War is not a racket. It is always about freedom and ideals.

*The government is capable of running health-care and saving the planet from fucking carbon.

*There is nothing strange in the skies. There are no moon bases. Mars is dead. NASA Scientists are searching relentlessly for illusive evidence of life outside of our blue sphere -- so far, nothing. And they always tell the truth.

Our benevolent government leaders treat the population as idiot children incapable of grappling with any basic truth that alters our comfortable understanding of life and metaphysics. The assumption is that our illusions and superstitions are profoundly necessary to our social and personal condition. Without them, society would fall into chaos. Control would be lost. I repeat, control would be lost.

But to maintain the social order on the basis of lies and coercion is far worse than any revelation could be -- regardless of how devastating to our fables and fantasies. Yet truth is horded, compartmentalized, and maintained by the establishment for the good of the establishment.

Of course, there is only a good-will desire to maintain cultural harmony. To ensure social cohesion. For the good of us all. Right?

Our illusions are necessary only because they serve the interests of the powerful -- those who build monuments and institutions to the lie. And many monuments I see.

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